9th M. K. Nambyar Memorial National Level Moot Court Competition, 2019 to be held from 8th to 10th March, 2019 at Karnatak Law Society’s Raja Lakhamgouda Law College, Belagavi, Karnataka. Please note that the Odd Semester Ranks shall be applicable for this Moot Court Competition.
Please find attached the link below for further details of the Moot Court Competition: https://mcsslcu.weebly.com/moot-invites-and-allotment/invite-9th-m-k-nambyar-memorial-national-level-moot-court-competition-2019
The allotment for this Moot Court Competition shall be in accordance with the MCS Code 2018-19. Teams who have secured Rank 1-100 are eligible to bid for the same by filling up the below attached Google Form: https://goo.gl/forms/WI9U5VLG4TMX3NEx1, providing the following details:
  1. Secured Rank in the Internal National Ranking Rounds, 2018-19.
  2. Names and corresponding registration numbers of Mooting Team.
  3. The Moot the said team is applying for, and the preference of the Moot Court Competitions, if any, in the event that the team is applying for 2 or more Moot Court Competitions released for bidding together.
The last date to apply for the aforementioned Moot Court Competition is 14th January 2019 at 23:59 hours.
  1. If the aforementioned Moot Court Competition clashes with the Mid-Semester or End-Semester Examinations, prior permission has to be taken from the Director of School of Law, to participate in the Moot Court Competition.
    Kindly note that the team must have performed necessary due diligence prior to the application. Withdrawal on the ground that the moot clashes with the exams post application shall not be entertained.
  2. A team is only allowed to participate in one moot per semester. Kindly refer to the Moot Court Society Code, 2018-19 for further details.
  3. All biddings are taken on a single form and hence it is imperative that the team applying clearly mentions the moot(s) for which the team is bidding for.