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Post INQUIRY OFFICERS in India Government Mint, Mumbai - last date 18.07.2019


       भारत सरकार टकसाल मुंबई
आईएसओ 9001:2008, आईएसओ 14001:2004 एवं एनएबीएल/आईएसओ 17025:2005 प्रमाणित इकाई
भारत प्रतिभूति मुद्रण तथा मुद्रा निर्माण निगम लिमिटेड की इकाई
सीआईएन : U22213DL2006GO1144763
मिनी-रत्‍न श्रेणी । सीपीएसई (भारत सरकार के पूर्ण स्‍वामित्‍वाधीन)
शहीद भगत सिंह मार्ग, फोर्ट, मुंबई – 400 001
ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 & NABL/ISO 17025:2005 Certified Unit
A Unit of Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited
CIN : U22213DL2006GO1144763
Mini – Ratna Category – I CPSE (Wholly owned of Govt. of India)
Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, Fort, Mumbai-400 001
Tel: 022 -22703184/85 Fax: 022 – 22661450 Email: igm.mumbai@spmcil.com  Web : igmmumbai.spmcil.com
Advt. No.3 /Admn /2019

India  Government Mint, Mumbai is a unit of Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited (SPMCIL), a Miniratna Category-I, Central Public Sector Enterprise, wholly owned by Government of India and started functioning as a Corporatized entity with effect from 13th January, 2006, under the administrative control of the Ministry of Finance, Dept. of Economic Affairs.  Mumbai Mint is engaged in the minting of the coins, manufacturing of weights and measures, medals and medallions etc.

With the above background, India Government Mint, Mumbai Mint invites applications from Central Government, SPMCIL or other Central PSUs, for empanelment as INQUIRY OFFICERS for the purpose of conducting departmental  inquiries for a period of 3 years.  Such officers will be appointed as Inquiry Officers, as per requirement, on case to case basis.  The details of the eligibility criteria for the assignment, honorarium payable per inquiry case, etc. are given below:

1.Validity of the Panel:

The panel of the retired officers created for the purpose of appointing Inquiry Officers for conducting departmental inquiry will be normally valid for three years.  The Competent Authority may, however, de-panel any empanelled officers at any time, for good and sufficient reasons, to be formally brought on record which may or may not be communicated to the retired officer.

2. Eligibility:


·         Retired officers not below the rank of Deputy Secretary in the case of Central Government officers.
·         Retired Manager or above in the case of SPMCIL/other PSUs.
·         The applicant should not have been penalized in a Disciplinary Proceeding case (No penalty in disciplinary proceedings or No prosecution in criminal case).

·         Degree in Law from a recognized University.
·         Previous experience in Vigilance and/or Establishment matters preferably with first-hand experience of conducting Departmental Enquiries.

2.      Terms and conditions for appointment of retired officers as the Inquiry Officer:

The designated Inquiry Officer shall be required to give an undertaking as follows:
i.             That the candidate is not a witness or a complainant in the matter to be inquired into or a close relative or a known friend of the delinquent official. A certificate to this effect will be obtained from the Inquiry Office with respect to every inquiry and placed on record
ii.             Shall maintain strict secrecy in relation to the documents he/she receives or information/data collected by him/her in connection with the inquiry and utilize the same only for the purpose of inquiry in the case entrusted to him/her.

3.      No such documents/information or data shall be divulged to anyone during the Inquiry or after presentation of the Inquiry Report. All the records, reports etc. available with the Inquiry Officer shall be duly returned to the authority which appointed him/her as such, at the time of presentation of the Inquiry Report.

4.      The Inquiry Officer shall conduct the inquiry proceedings at a location taking into account the availability of records, station/place where the misconduct occurred as well as the convenience of the witnesses/PO etc. Video conferencing should be utilized to the maximum extent possible to minimize travel undertaken by the IO/PO/CO. The Company will facilitate necessary arrangements for the video conferencing.

5.      The Inquiry Officer shall undertake travel for conducting inquiry (in unavoidable circumstances) with the approval of an authority as may be nominated by the concerned Unit.

6.      The Inquiry Officer shall submit the inquiry report after completing the inquiry within 180 days from the date of his/her appointment as the Inquiry Officer. Extension of time beyond 180 days can be granted only by the Authority as may be prescribed.

7.      Honorarium: The rates of Honorarium and other allowances payable to the Inquiry Officer will be as under:-

Time taken to complete the inquiry proceedings
Rate per case (In Rs.)
For Central Govt. Retired Officers
For officers retired from SPMCIL/other
Where    the    number    of witnesses is more than 10
80%        of        the
monthly          basic
pension drawn
40% of last (basic) pay drawn

Where    the    number    of witnesses is between 6-10
60%        of        the
monthly          basic pension drawn
30% of last (basic) pay drawn

Where    the    number    of witnesses is less than 6
50%        of        the
monthly          basic pension drawn
25% of last (basic) pay drawn
Transport Allowance

Rs.40,000/- per case
Subject to the condition that the outstation journey, the actual expenses for Air/Railway Journey will be reimbursed. Travelling by Air/Train would also be permissible/restricted as per the fare of class entitled to the officer before retirement (subject to the approval of the
Competent Authority).
Where the number of witnesses is more than 10

Where the number of witnesses is between 6-10

Where the number of witnesses is less than 6

50% will be paid on submission of Inquiry Report. Remaining amount will be paid within 45 days. In case it is not possible to proceed with the matter due to stay by courts etc., the Inquiry Officer may be discharged from his /her duties and payment of honorarium and other allowances will be made on pro rata basis.

8.      Before the payment is received by the Inquiry Officer, it will be his / her responsibility to ensure that:
a)      All case and inquiry report (two ink signed copies) properly documented and arranged is handed over to the office Disciplinary Authority.
b)      The report returns findings on each of the Articles of Charges which has been enquired into should specifically deal and address each of the procedural objections, if any, raised by the charged officers as per the extant rules and instructions.

c)      There should not be any ambiguity in the inquiry report and therefore care should be taken to ensure that all procedures for conducting departmental inquiries have been followed in accordance with the relevant rules/Conduct and Disciplinary and appeal Rules to which the delinquent official is governed.

9.      Letter regarding engaging a retired officer as the Inquiry Officer will only be issued with the approval of the Disciplinary Authority of the concerned.

10.  The number of disciplinary cases assigned to an Inquiry Officer may be restricted to 8 cases in a year, with not more than 4 cases at a time.


i.             The Inquiry Officer shall not engage himself / herself in any other professional work or service,  which  is  likely  to  be  in conflict  with  the  performance  of  his/her duties as Inquiry Officer.
ii.             SPMCIL reserves the right to reject any or all applications from the Retired Officers without assigning any reason(s) thereto. SPMCIL reserves the right to change/modify/cancel the terms and conditions of the empanelment without assigning any reason or notice thereof.

How to Apply:

Application in the prescribed format along with self-attested copies of relevant documents must be sent by Speed / Registered Post addressed to The General Manager,  India Government, Mint,  Shahid Bhagatsingh Road, Fort, Mumbai 400 023 on or before 18.07.2019

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