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ABOUT THE ORGANIZERS Sharda University has over the years become one of the leading centres of education, research and innovation in Delhi NCR region. Established through an Act of State Legislature of Uttar Pradesh (14 of 2009), Sharda University offers 216 UGC recognized degrees in programmes like Engineering, Management, Medical, Dental, Integrated Law, Architecture, Design, Journalism & Mass Communication, Computer Applications, Basic Sciences, Nursing, Biotechnology, Food &technology, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Paramedical, Education, Languages, Animation and Visual Arts. Being the only global university in India with students from 80+ countries, and academic partnerships with 130+ universities across the world– the USA, the UK, Italy, Canada, Russia, Slovenia, et al, the University offers a truly international learning environment. That's why it says, “The World is Here, Where are You?”


School of Law, Sharda University is organizing the 1stAnandSwaroop Gupta Memorial Virtual National Moot Court Competition from 27 to 29 May, 2020. The Moot Problem is based on Constitutional Law. 


1. General Rules: 

a. “Organizers”means the Moot Court Committee, School of Law, Sharda University 

b. “Competition”means the 1stAnandSwaroop Gupta Memorial National Virtual Moot Court Competition, 2020 

c. “Participating Team”means the team which has registered itself for the competition as per the rules given below. 

d. “Participating College/Institution/University” shall be presumed to be the parent institution of the participating team. 

e. “Participants”means the speakers and the researcher of the Participating Team. 

f. The rules of the Moot Court shall be strictly adhered to. Any deviation there from them would attract disqualication or other penalties as decided by the Organizers. 

g. Decision taken by the Organizers in case of any doubt, dispute, disqualication etc shall be nal. 

2. Date and Venue of the Competition: 

The 1st Anand Swaroop Gupta Memorial National Virtual Moot Court Competition shall be held from 27 to 29 May 2020. Venue: Google MeetURL shall be shared with the participants at the appropriate time. 

3. Eligibility: 

The Competition is open to bona-de undergraduate students of recognized Colleges/Institutions/Universities who are currently pursuing their Bachelors Degree in Law i.e. 3 year LLB or 5 year Integrated or Honors' LLB Programme with all combinations on a regular basis.

• Teams are required to complete their Registration by 15 May, 2020 by 23:59 IST. 
• The Registration Fee is INR 1000 which shall be payable through Online Transition Mode and shall be made in favour of Sharda University, School of Law. 
• Payment Details: A/C HOLDER'S NAME: Sharda University School of Law, ACCOUNT NUMBER: 912010034705440, IFSC CODE: UTIB0000624 BANK NAME & ADDRESS: Axis Bank Ltd., Alpha Commercial Belt, Greater Noida. 

• The Registration shall be done by lling up the Application Form available on Google Form: 

• After registering on the Google Form, the teams are required to send one Email Approval through their Moot Court Faculty Coordinator/Dean/Principle with the details of the participating team. 

• Once the Registration form is filled, Email Approval from the Faculty Coordinator is received and Fee is paid, the teams shall receive the confirmation of their provisional Registration from the Sharda Moot Court Society. 

• The Registration shall be deemed complete only when Registration form is duly filled, Email Approval is received and Registration fee is paid. The teams must send the Screen shot of their Online Transaction Fee through email to asgmvmcc@gmail.com 

• Once the final registration is done Teams will get the confirmation email and their Team Codes also.

Contact Information: 
Email: asgmvmcc@gmail.com Phone Nos: Dr. Irfan Rasool Najar, Assistant Professor, SUSOL, Convener, Moot Court Mob: 9573112185 Pranjal Chaturvedi, Student Coordinator, Moot Court Mob: 9198504738.

Rules Regarding Moot Memorial: 
a) Submission Guidelines: • Teams are required to submit a memorial from each side i.e. from the side of Petitioner/Appellant and from the side of Defendant/Respondent. • Teams are required to send the memorial via email to Sharda Moot Court Committee (SMCC) at asgmvmcc@gmail.com latest by 15 May, 2020 by 23:59 PM. Only soft copy needs to be submitted. • Late submission penalty will be there in case of late submission of memorial. b) Format of Memorial: Each memorial shall have the following details; • Cover Page • Table of Contents • List of Abbreviations • Index of Authorities • Statement of Jurisdiction • Statement of Facts • Issues Raised • Summary of Arguments • Written Submissions • Prayer c) Cover Page: The following details should be there on the cover page and nothing else: • Team code on the top right hand corner of the cover page • Name and place of the forum • Name of the parties and their status • Memorial submitted to … • Memorial led and appearing on behalf of …

d) Content Specication: The following content specication must be adhered to: • Language - English • Font and Size (Body) - Times New Roman, 12 pts • Line Spacing (Body) - 1.5 lines • Font and Size (Footnotes) - Times New Roman, 10 pts • Line Spacing (Footnotes) - Single line • Page Margins - 1 inch on all sides • Page Limit (i) Entire Memorial - 30 pages maximum (ii) Body of Arguments - 10 pages maximum • Paper Specication - White A4 Sized Paper • Body of the Memorial - Justied e) Evaluation of Memorials Memorials will be judged by a special panel of judges on the basis of the following criteria: 1 Presentation of Facts 10 marks 2 Ingenuity and Logical Reasoning 20 marks 3 Interpretation of Law 20 marks 4 Extent and use of Authority 20 marks 5 Relief Sought 10 marks 6 Format and Citation 10 marks 7 Quality of Language 5 marks 8 Adherence to the Guidelines 5 marks

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