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Constitutional Law - Free online course on Swayam - Enrollment End Date 13/02/2019


Start Date 14/01/2019                                 

End Date 13/04/2019       

Enrollment End Date 13/02/2019 

Syllabus: Constitutional Law 

Unit- I: Constitutional Law – An Introduction 

1.1 Constitutional Law –A Historical Retrospect 
1.2 Definition Classification and sources of Constitution 
1.3 Salient Features of Constitutional Law 
1.4 Preamble 

Unit-II Fundamental Rights---I 

2.1 Fundamental Rights: An Overview 
2.2 Definition of State—Article I2 
2.3 Pre and Post Constitutional Laws--- Article I3 
2.4 Right to Equality---- Article I4 
2.5 Expanding Horizons of Article 2I 

Unit-III Fundamental Rights---II 

3.1 Freedom of Speech and Expression 
3.2 Freedom of Religion 3.3 Freedom to Form Association 
3.4 Freedom of Trade, Business and Profession 
 3.5 Expansion of Judicial Interpretation, Reasonable Restriction on Freedom of Trade, Business and Profession. 
 3.6 Cultural and Educational Rights. 

Unit- IV Directive Principles

4.1 Directive Principles of State Policy__ Nature and Justification 
4.2 Interrelationship between Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles 
4.3 Justifiability of Fundamental Rights 
4.4 Doctrine of Eclipse, Severability and Waiver
4.5 Social Justice under Indian Constitution 

 Unit-V Judiciary 

5.1 Judicial System in India 
5.2 Supreme Court and High Courts 
5.3 Right to Constitutional Remedies 
5.4 The Writs 5.5 Independence of Judiciary 
5.6 Public Interest Litigation 
5.7 Judicial Review and Indian Constitution 

Unit-VI Centre-State Relations/Federalism 

6.1 Separation of Powers 6.2 Rule of Law 
6.3 Legislative Relations between Centre & State 
6.4 Administrative Relations between Centre & State 
6.5 Financial Relations between Centre & State 

Unit-VII The Parliament 

7.1 Parliament and Parliamentary Sovereignty 
7.2 Parliamentary Privileges 
7.3 Anti Defection Law 
7.4 Executive Power of President 
7.5 Collective Responsibility 

Unit-VIII State Liability, Amendment and Emergency 

8.1 Liability Under articles 299 and 300 of Constitution. 
8.2 Amendment of Constitution 
8.3 Basic Structure of Constitution 
8.4 Emergency Provisions under Indian Constitution. 

Unit-IX Constitutional Special Provisions & Services 

9.1 Article 370 
9.2 Special Provisions related to Certain Classes 
9.3 Recruitment and Regulations of Conditions of service 
9.4 Constitutional Conventions 
9.5 Doctrine of Political Question 


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